Know What You Want to Get The Best Automotive Detailing Service Value

Know What You Want to Get The Best Automotive Detailing Service Value

What is a really fast way to end up disappointed? Not knowing what you are truly looking for before you get started. If you are not sure what the goal you are trying to reach is, and can accurately communicate that, you invite misunderstanding and disappointment into the situation. In this article, we wanted to give you three ways to determine what you are looking for to ensure end up satisfied and get the best overall value with your automotive detailing service.

  • Understand Your Budget and Communicate It – Everyone has a budget. That is ok, but you need to be honest with your automotive professional. This enables them to try and match your expectations and their expertise with your budget. An experienced professional can walk you through the options and benefits at various price points to help you make a decision that you will be happy with and fits within your budget.
  • Understand Your Desired Outcome and Communicate It – Everyone has a picture in their mind of what they are trying to achieve. Make sure you do your best to convey that to your automotive professional. A common way to have a project end in disappointment is the end result being miscommunicated. When two people have different ideas of what the target is, it is common that it ends up not being hit. You cannot just say something like “I want a full detail”. That statement can mean 10 different things to 10 different detail shops. What you are expecting might be different from what is delivered. Plan to be very specific with what you think the end result should be and  your automotive professional can discuss whether that is realistic based on the condition of your vehicle, your time frame, budget, etc.
  • Understand The Options and Associated Benefits – Your automotive professional will be able to walk you through the various options for whatever service you are considering and what the benefits of those options are. Just like most things, there are many different levels available in nearly all services we offer. You shouldn’t just say “I want ceramic paint coating”. At our shop studio alone, we offer at least four different levels of ceramic paint coatings that offer differing levels of protection and warranties. Take time to be educated so that you can make an informed decisions on what fits your needs.

Hopefully, by following these tips you won’t end up like this recent individual that called us.

Know What You Want to Get The Best Automotive Detailing Service Value 2

After reading the above, hopefully you can see how there was truly no way to answer the individual’s question. There are too many variables and the unknown of their expectations and budget to give them an answer. While we can do a lot of this extremely well at Jay’s Detail Studio, reading minds is not one of them. It is a shame that this individual chose to leave a negative review based on our inability to do this.

We want everyone that does business with Jay’s Detail Studio to be thrilled with the results they receive, and we have to dig a little deeper to ensure that happens. We are not trying to be rude, and I can assure you that I still run the detailing service. We just want to do our best to understand your needs so that you can get the best overall result.

When you are ready for the best and would like to learn more about the automotive paint correction, paint protection, window tinting or ceramic paint coating services we offer at Jay’s Detail Studio, contact us today by calling (210) 863-1633 or filling out the contact form located HERE. Find out how great your vehicle can look by contacting Jay’s today!

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