Paint Correction Services

Perfecting the Art of True Paint Correction

So that we are all on the same page, let’s discuss what paint correction actually is. Paint correction or defect removal is a labor intensive process which utilizes the most advanced compounds and polishes. These are applied either by a random orbital or rotary polisher designed to remove most defects in paint. Bringing back that shine and luster which most vehicles lack by leveling out the clear coat and will result in a richer more lustrous finish.

How does paint correction work. In simple terms, the various techniques that we utilize all act to level out a painted surface. When you see damage, typically what you are seeing is the differing levels of the painted surface. Check out some of the pictures below to see various types of paint damage.

Hummer H1

Spiderweb Swirls / Marring

The term spider web comes from the appearance of the swirls that look like a cobweb a spider produces. Usually caused from improper washing/drying, normal wear and tear, mechanical car washes. This is very common paint damage and most vehicles have some of this damage that has resulted from normal use.

To see how we repaired these defects you can read about it HERE.

Mustang buffer trails hood

Buffer Trails / Holograming

These trails of scratches are normally caused by a rotary buffer and improper use of that tool. A combination of wool fibers and a combination of abrasives found in most polishes and compounds can create what appears to be a zig zag motion found on this hood. Along with improper technique it increases the odds for more damage like burning paint off the leading edges of the hood.

You can read more about the repair process on this Mustang HERE.

Mustang 03 Cobra water spots

Various Paint Etching

Usually occurs when minerals from water damage clear coat. Usually leaving minerals behind that etch clear coat after the water evaporates. If left on the paint for too long etching can be so corrosive that even removing the top layer of minerals will leave a permanent etch in the clear that can go below the surface into the paint. Removal options vary from polishing, compounding & including acid removal.

For an article on how we repaired this damage you can read HERE.

Who are Paint Correction services For?

Paint correction is not just for someone that wants more gloss. Paint correction is for those that want their vehicle’s painted surface to be as defect free as possible. While the result of proper paint correction will be a much glossier appearing vehicle, we can achieve a glossier finish without paint correction if that is your main objective.

What will a properly corrected paint finish look like? Check out these pictures below.

Paint Correction Services in San Antonio, Texas by Jay's Detail Studio 2
Paint Correction Services in San Antonio, Texas by Jay's Detail Studio 3

Paint Correction Services in San Antonio, Texas by Jay's Detail Studio 4

How Do You Protect The Finish Once It is Corrected?

Once the paint is corrected, you will want to protect it with paint protection films, long term paint sealants or ceramic paint coatings. We offer a wide variety of protective films and coating products to ensure that your newly corrected surface stays stays looking that way.