Paint Correction Services

Paint correction or (swirl removal) is a labor intensive process which utilizes the most advanced compounds and polishes. These are applied either by a random orbital or rotary polisher designed to remove most defects in paint. Bringing back that shine and luster which most vehicles lack by leveling out the clear coat and will result in a richer and lustrous finish.

Spiderweb Swirls / Marring

The term spider web comes from the appearance of the swirls that look like a cobweb a spider produces. Usually caused from improper washing/drying, normal wear and tear, mechanical car washes. To see how we repaired these defects you can read about it HERE.

Hummer H1
H1 Fender Before

Random Deep Marring

Also can be known as RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) Usually these show up after the lighter scratches have been removed after polishing, which causes these deeper ones to stick out. In the image above there are some scratches that stick out more than others. Once the finer scratches are removed these will need to be addressed w a more aggressive approach to remove them.

Deep Scratches– These are usually the ones that go so deep that the only option for repair is touch up or a repaint. The rule of thumb is usually if it catches your nail its probably too deep to repair.

Water Etching

Usually occurs when minerals from water damage clear coat. Usually leaving minerals behind that etch clear coat after the water evaporates. If left on the paint for too long etching can be so corrosive that even removing the top layer of minerals will leave a permanent etch in the clear that can go below the surface into the paint. Removal options vary from polishing, compounding & including acid removal. For an article on how we repaired this damage you can read HERE.

Mustang 03 Cobra water spots
Random Isolated Etching

Random Etching

At times there can be damage on the surface that is hard to isolate. In this case we have no idea what damaged the surface of the clear. The repairs to this Blue GMC can be seen HERE.

Buffer Trails / Holograming

These trails of scratches are normally caused by a rotary buffer and improper use of that tool. A combination of wool fibers and a combination of abrasives found in most polishes and compounds can create what appears to be a zig zag motion found on this hood. Along with improper technique it increases the odds for more damage like burning paint off the leading edges of the hood. You can read more about the repair process on this Mustang HERE.

Mustang buffer trails hood
Audi S4 sanding marks

Sanding scratches

When it comes to refinishing repainted surfaces. Sometimes the tools, products and technique can fall short of a perfect outcome. So after these products wear off you’re left w these marks. Which is where the sanding marks still exist. Read the full article on how these sanding scratches were turned into a mirror finish HERE.