Cadillac CT5 Blackwing Gets Full Paint Protection Film Install.

In the world of automotive perfection, the 2024 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing stands as a symbol of luxury and performance. However, for our team at Jays Detail Studio, perfection wasn’t just a standard—it was a challenge to elevate this masterpiece to new heights. Join us as we give this vehicle a thorough  paint correction, full-body paint protection film, and the finishing off  with CQuartz Finest Reserve Ceramic Coating.

I. Our Canvas: 2024 CT5 Blackwing Before delving into the intricate details of our transformation, let’s take a moment to appreciate the canvas itself—the 2024 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing. With its powerful V8 engine, sophisticated design, and cutting-edge technology, this luxury sedan commands attention on the road. However, even a masterpiece can benefit from a touch of brilliance.

It starts with some CarPro Reset Soap.

II. Major Paint Correction The first step in our journey towards automotive excellence was a meticulous paint correction process. Despite the quality of the CT5 Blackwing’s factory finish as shown below we started with what seems like damage that was permanent.

The results after a proper correction.

This door also had some major damage that needed correcting.

We aim for flawlessness. Our skilled technicians dedicated countless hours to eliminate imperfections such as swirls, scratches, and paint defects, ensuring that the car’s surface is flawless. The result was a radiant, mirror-like finish that accentuated the car’s design lines.

III. Full-Body Paint Protection Film (PPF) To safeguard the flawless finish achieved through paint correction, we applied a full-body Paint Protection Film. This invisible shield was custom-fitted to every curve and contour of the CT5 Blackwing, ensuring comprehensive coverage. The PPF not only provides defense against rock chips, road debris, and harsh weather elements but also preserves the vehicle’s aesthetic appeal by preventing damage from UV rays and environmental contaminants. To get this as seamless as possible we chose to remove the door handles and mirrors.

With the paint correction and PPF in place, it was time for the grand finale—the application of our CQuartz Finest Reserve (CQFR) Ceramic Coating. This will add an extra layer of protection, enhancing the car’s gloss, depth, and hydrophobic properties. The CT5 Blackwing’s surfaces were now not only protected against physical harm but also has a finish that repelled water, dirt, and contaminants, ensuring a sustained, head-turning brilliance.

As the final layers of CQuartz Finest Reserve were applied we IR cured the coating for maximum durability.

In the meticulous transformation of the 2024 Cadillac CT5 Blackwing, we have not merely enhanced a vehicle; we have refined this paintwork. From the multistage correction  to the comprehensive protection of PPF and the finishing touch of CQuartz Finest  ceramic coating.  This CT5 Blackwing is not just a car—it’s a testament to the artistry and dedication that define the automotive excellence we strive for at Jays Detail Studio in San Antonio Texas.

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