Leather Treatment on a Maserati

Leather treatment and cleaning sometimes is the most overlooked section of detailing an interior of a vehicle.   Here we have a Maserati Granturismo that came in for a detail & when it comes to leather on higher end vehicles you have to take certain precautions to treat this type of leather.   Leather types vary from certain manufacturers,  so the leather you have in lets say a Chevy Suburban will respond differently than the leather in a Maserati or Bentley.  So certain measures need to be taken to clean and condition these seats.  Here we have the leather when it came in.  It doesnt look dirty & looks like normal wear that you would see on a daily driver. Maserati Leather

Doesn’t look too bad but when we get to cleaning it is where you can notice the difference.  Below is a picture of a leather seat that has been cleaned properly & not conditioned yet.  The display will show that although the leather doesnt look in bad condition,  cleaning the leather will restore the color of the leather & remove dirt and oil that is trapped in the pores of the leather.

Maserati Leather

The same cleaning methods can also be used for arm rests.Maserati Leather

here are the rest of the seats in that car.

Maserati Leather Maserati Leather Maserati Leather
All of the leather in this vehicle were treated with out Leatherique treatment.  This is a special formulation of 2 products that when combined help to restore the leather to like new condition.  Cleaning & Conditioning time vary from 2-6 hours.  Here are the after photos of this particular vehicle.

Maserati Leather Maserati Leather Maserati Leather

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