Paint Correction on a 2015 GMC.

A good buddy of mine just bought a brand new 2015 GMC in Stone Blue Metallic.  While during his first week of enjoyment he had a little too much fun in a mud hole putting that 4 wheel drive to some good use. Unfortunately there must have been something in it, cause it etched the paint along the whole vehicle pretty bad.  Upon closer inspection & after a wash this was the result. 
GMC etched pillars
GMC door
The make ready guy took a stab at it and managed to not remove the defects but left some swirling for me to repair as well.
GMC fender

I didnt believe it at first until i saw this.

GMC hood latch before

So we started on the initial polishing step and in some sections it came out and in other places it required wet sanding.  We started with the hood first.

GMC Hood Defects

After our Paint Correction Process.  This specific process is tailored to each vehicles needs to ensure the best possible result each and every time.

GMC hood polished.

So our first initial process was on point. Here is that process on the doors.  Whatever was on this door it wasn’t very easy to remove.

GMC door defects

But after some Finess we got it down.

GMC door finished.
That hood latch from earlier, yea we went ahead and cleaned that up too.
GMC hood latch after.

Once this GMC was finished getting polished up we threw on some tint to keep the interior of this thing cool.  We applied our Exclusive Spectra PhotoSync Window film to all the windows.  The sides and rear received 35% and the windshield got 75%.  Spectra PhotoSync is a Solar Adaptive IR window film that blocks IR up to 98% which can keep cabin temperatures up to 30% cooler than the outside temperature.  You can read about it HERE.

GMC Photosync

Now that it was all buttoned up we topped off this beautiful paint with one of our entry level C.Quartz Ceramic Coatings to help ensure that if this vehicle goes through anything , it will stay protected for 2 years!

GMC Cquartz

After 24hours of cure time, its ready for some sun shots!  This color along with a lot of GMC colors look bland on an overcast day.  But when the sun comes out that flake just POPS!


GMC finished fender

^Look no swirls, no etching.  The depth, gloss & clarity are restored to an even better than new finish!

GMC side shot
Mshaw copy


If you have a vehicle you are looking to get the JaysDetail treatment feel free to contact us.


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