Mustang gets Clear Bra.

The New 2015 Mustang is leading the way in styling  & performance in the Muscle car scene.  This new 5.0 Coyote motor boats 435 hp and 400 ft/lb of torque.  With this much performance handling & styling,  its better to be be protected from anything that can damage your paint.
This particular client decided to protect his investment as soon as he got this new Mustang.   After going over all the possible Paint Protection Film options, he chose the partial kit.  Which covers 24″ on the hood has coverage on fenders, mirrors and the bumper.  We did a thorough wash on the paint followed it by a clay bar to remove any and all contamination.  After that the paint received a light prep polish for our Quartz coating.  We start with the film on the hood first. 

Here is what the install process which roughly takes 4-6 hours to compete looks like.  mustang ppf

These patterns are cut in-house with our Design Access Program (DAP) for precise fitment.   To read more about our Paint Protection Film you can check out our Clear Bra Page.mustang ppf install

You can see here the hood is taking shape as your right side is squeegeed and we are moving towards the passenger side area. Notice the clarity in the paint protection film~mustang ppf installed
After the hood is finished let the edges sit so they can be wrapped underneath for a clean install.  Make sure your certified installer can wrap the edges for you as well.  Each one of our Paint Protection Film Installs comes complete with wrapped edges at no additional charge.
mustang ppf
Along with the partial kit we chose to add some coverage to the headlights as well.  Covering the headlights aids in road rash from daily driving.  This will keeps bugs off the lenses and helps prevent cracking if a rock hits it.mustang ppf headlight
The top portion of the bumper is getting applied here.mustang ppf
Finally we have the lower bumper portion being applied at this stage.  This is usually the most critical part.  Since there are a lot of alignment points to make sure the fitment is as best as possible.  We spend a couple hours applying the film to the bumper area and the lower portion of the bumper.   mustang ppf
Once we finished up the install we did a final Alcohol wipe down for the polishing we did earlier, then coated the paint and paint protection film in our Ceramic Quartz Paint Protection to ensure the car is protected.  Here are the after photos displaying the clarity of the Xpel Paint Protection Film paired perfectly along with our Exclusive Cquartz Application.  

Thank you and if you have any questions on Clear Bra/ Paint Protection Film, Cquartz or any of our other services you can contact us here!  Or check out our Facebook! !Mustang PPF Finished

Mustang PPF finishedThanks for Reading.

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