Tesla Model S gets Ceramic Coating & SunTek Window Tint

Tesla motors is a Silicon Valley based company that produces & manufactures electric cars, such as the Model S & Tesla Roadster.  There are very few of these Tesla’s in the city of San Antonio.  So after receiving a call for my second Tesla detail i was pretty excited to be gaining the popularity amongst the Tesla group.   So after discussing coating options and window tint options we settled on doing a paint correction & installing the SunTek Carbon 25% window tint.   This is how the car was brought in.  as i show more pictures of the vehicle ill get more in detail about the vehicle.

Tesla Model S 017 Tesla Model S 018 Tesla Model S


After starting the washing the body was visibly dirty & the wheels and wheel wells were pretty bad.  These new car care products for wheels are designed to clean and remove contaminants not only on the wheels but in the barrels of the wheels as well.

Tesla Model S

Once pulled in we clayed the vehicle where we found no contaminants on the paint which was good.  So instead of starting on the polishing like i usually do.  We started tinting the windows first since the car was going to be at the shop for a couple days.  I wanted to make sure that the customer didn’t have any issues when he came for pickup.  Here we are installing on the back window SunTek Carbon 5%,  we installed Carbon 25% on the sides.

Tesla Model S

this is what the vehicle looks like when the heat shrinking process starts.  The point is to form the film to the glass.  Luckily this window is pretty straight forward, so shrinking and installing the film took no time at all.

Tesla Model S

Day 1 was complete with a wash, decontamination step & finished window tint.  On our next day we started with the polishing process.  Judging by the other Tesla i did,  i knew there were going to be defects in the paint from the factory.  Below are some illustrations of those defects & how polishing out those defects goes to show that even on a brand new car polishing can make a world of a difference.

Hood defects. Tesla Model S Tesla Model S

Here are more defects on the side of the door.

Tesla Model S Tesla Model S

Once the paint correction process started we noticed a significant improvement with the lighter scratching and hazing.  Although some of the deeper defects remained.  So we focused on those after the lighter defects were removed.  As shown below.

Tesla Model S

Although it looks good there is still a little more room for improvement.  Here are the defects that we located at the lower bumper which seem to be dealer installed.Tesla Model S


Once we polished out this rear section that little square defect remained.  So after spot correcting it we were good to move on.Tesla Model S

So now that all the polishing was all finished up we moved on to the interior.  This vehicle comes with many different types of neat options.  If you pay attention to some of the pictures some of them have the door handles out and some of them have the door handles in.  That’s because they are designed to reduce drag.  When not in use, the handles retract into the body, streamlining airflow. When a driver approaches the vehicle with the key, the handles slide out and unlatch with a simple touch.  There is a complete absence of knobs and virtual complete absence of buttons on the dash board.  Everything is controlled by steering wheel control, your voice or the central console.Tesla Model S Tesla Model S

I did notice that one nice feature it did have was the bright display on the 17″ screen seen here.  Up on top where the readings are for usage in energy when the music is playing is shows the CD cover which i thought was kinda nice.

The trunk in this car is pretty big with  63.4 cubic space for storage which includes the fold down seats & storage compartment below the rear area.Tesla Model S
This car also features a full glass panoramic roof which blocks 98% of visible light and 81% of heat rejection.

Now the coating process begins.  The customer decided to coat the paint, healights & glass with Optimum products.

Here we are applying the Opti Coat to the rear fender.Tesla Model S Tesla Model S

headlights and tail lights received opti lens.  A coating designed specifically for polycarbonate lenses.Tesla Model S

Finally we put Opti Glass on all the exterior glass.
Opti Glass Coating

Once the coating finished flashing its left to cure for a 24 hour time frame.  At this time thats all we need to do.  However the customer did say he was going out of town so i charged the vehicle for him so when he came in for his vehicle it would be fully charged.  I must admit finding this charging port was not easy.Tesla Model S

At the same time i also coated the customers key, which resembles a Tesla.  Probably one of the best ideas for a key that i have ever seen.  Its nice want to open the hood you press the hood, want to open the trunk press the trunk.  Its subtle but genius at the same time.

Tesla Model S

Finally the vehicles finished and its ready for some sun pics, and i can say this.  I could not be happier with how it came out.

Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S Tesla Model S
This is one car i would not mind driving.  Its pure elegance!

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