Audi A5 gets New Car Prep/Window Film.

Its a good feeling you get when you buy that new or used car.  After all its considered “new” to you right?  This client changes his vehicles out every 2-3 years.  Every time he goes on a test drive he comes straight to the shop to get the OK,  to see if we find anything wrong with it or not.   After a quick run through there wasn’t much to repair as far as polishing goes. It just needed a little TLC.  So we let the car soak in some citrus wash for a bit.

Audi A5 decon wash

The defects were not too bad compared to other Audi’s we have worked on but still some remained.  Looks like someone tried to rub his delicate paint with some really aggressive towels.

Audi A5 scratches
Typical washing scratches as we went around the vehicle..  
Audi A5 scratches

So were going to go ahead and polish these out and bring back that shine that this vehicle was supposed to have as soon as the customer picked it up.  the fender showed some moderate damage.

Audi A5 fender

With a finishing polish we were able to remove almost all of the defects that were making this brilliant black look more like brilliant grey.

Polished and refined to a high gloss.

San Antonio’s Only Paint Correction Specialists.

Audi A5 fender after
The doors showed very minimal wear.Audi A5 door before
Polished out.Audi A5 after
Rear fender probably had the most scratching on it.Audi A5 scratches
Removed. Audi A5 rear fender

Rear bumper had a little damage.  Some of the defects were too deep to remove, so we removed what we could remove with in reason.  To no damage anything else in the process.

Audi A5 rear bumper before
Audi A5 rear bumper

The exhaust tips received some metal polishing to remove the carbon build up and bring out some shine.

Audi A5 exhaust
Audi A5 tips

Once the polishing process was complete the client decided that since the vehicle was already in our possession to go ahead and tint the windows.  We went with SunTeks high end window film CXP in a 35% all the way around.  This film is one of the top leading carbon window films in the industry & has a great look to it too.   All of our window tinting is pre cut in house to a precise fitment to your exact vehicles specifications.

Audi A5 Tint
Here it is finished up.  Its been polished, sealed with one of our durable sealants, the windows have been tinted and its waiting to be picked up.  It will sit for the night.  Audi A5
On the following day we took some outside shots before the client picked up.  Whether your vehicle is new , used or fairly old.  I think we can all love our cars a little more.  These types of services bring value to your car.  A clean car can provide a more enojoyable commute and can even bring a smile to your face 🙂Audi A5
Audi A5

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