Tesla Model S / Cquartz Finest / Xpel Clear Bra

We do lots and lots of Tesla’s & i was real excited to do this one since it was the newest Blue that Tesla came our with in the 70D.  Every Model S that has ever been made has been nothing but joy to work on. If you re on the fence about getting one i can tell you from first hand experience that they are all great and you can’t go wrong with any model.  With that being said, this client was particular on wanting the best protection money can buy without going over board.  Over all the possibilities and options of paint protection film, ceramic coatings, window films.  We chose to apply our paint protection film by Xpel, Window film by Prestige Film Technologies Spectra Photosync & Ceramic Paint Coating by Cquartz Finest

We are considered an Exclusive shop for these reasons.  These particular products are given to those who have honed their skills to offer the best protection money can buy and offer the best service and support unmatched by another company in San Antonio.

We started with our citrus based stripping soap to remove any wax or silicones from the paints surface.  Utilizing the best car care towels and wash mitts provided by Germany’s own MicroFiber Madness.  We are the only authorized resellers of MicroFiber Madness in Texas.

Tesla Model S

We moved on to the wheels to give the same treatment as we do all of them with our Iron remover treatment. The wheels, tires, wheel barrels & calipers were deep cleaned.

Tesla Iron X

Once the wash was completed as we started working the windows were being prepped for our SpectraPhotosync window film.  This film has one of the highest IR  (Infra Red) ratings on the market.  We are applying the back window with the 35% which has a Total Solar Energy Rejection Rate (TSER 80% after SAC) and an IR rejection rate of 95%.  This will ensure the vehicle stays a lot cooler during those hot summer months. While still maintaining that elegant look.

Tesla Model S Photosync

This window film was applied with one of our pre cut programs that utilized pre cut patters for accurate fitment.  The paint protection film we are about to apply up next was cut with a plotting/cutting machine that will custom cut a precise and perfect fit paint protection film pattern.  It also cuts vinyl and window film as well.  So the Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra) is getting applied next. Drivers side fender getting prepped for film.

Tesla Model S
Mid way through the application of the full fenders.
Tesla Model S PPF 2

Below the film is finished being installed.  We chose to leave a little overhand on the wheel arches as well as the top of the fenders to allow the film to wrap in so the film has no visible edges.

Tesla PPF 3

Full Hood was up next.  Although they make a full hood kit for this vehicle we chose to do a different route and bulk install this hood.  We feel like its a cleaner install and allows us to wrap all the way around where as some of the kits have edges that don’t wrap on the corners.

Tesla hood ppf
Tesla hood ppf 2
Tesla PPF hood 3

The headlights get complimentary treatment as well. This will help reduce road rash and help in assisting in reducing damage if anything hits the lens.

Tesla light

To read more about our Paint Protection Film options you can view our Paint Protection Film Page!

Bumper film install in progress.

Tesla Bumper PPF

Along with the grille section.

Tesla grille

The rear section of this car is pretty notorious for damage.  It seems like almost every Model S that we see out and about has some damage on the rear bumper and on the rear quarters as well.  So the decision was made to prevent future damage on those areas with some Paint Protection Film as well.

Tesla rear quarter

The Tesla Screen is probably the biggest screen you will ever see.  One thing we have noticed about it, its very prone to finger marks.  So the guys over at Prestige Film Technologies have come up with something to compliment their Photosync Line,  Glare Shield –  The anti finger print, anti shatter screen protector.  This thing is amazing.  For more information on the GlareShield Product you can read all about it on the Glare Shield Page.
Tesla Glare Shield

After the completion of the GlareShield Install.

Tesla Glare Shield

The Clear Bra film has been installed and is already wrapped in, the Spectra Photosync is cured were done and about to apply our Cquartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating.

CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world & is authorized for a very select few in the US.

We will apply 2 thick coats to all the trim, paint, plastic, and paint protection film as well on this Deep Magnetic Blue 70D.

Cquartz Finest

Finally we have it outside and this color looks AMAZING. No seams on the clear bra, a Depth and gloss like no other coating on the market.  Paired with the most Exclusive window film on the market.  This is Exclusivity at its Finest!

Tesla 70D
Tesla 70D
Tesl 70D



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