Tesla Model S Cquartz Finest/ Clear Bra.

When you buy a new or used car the one thing that’s recommended is you want to do what you can to take very good care of that car.  There are a number of things you can start with, from doing a nice polish job and sealant.  Or you can coat the car for maximum durability.  You can apply a high heat rejecting window film High in UV blockage & Total Solar Energy Rejection (TSER).  There are also methods to prevent damage like rock chips, road bugs from eating through the paint.  All can be done with an application of any type of Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra).  This client came in for ideas on what he can do.  We went over polishing what was required versus what was needed.  We covered Window Film options, hues, heat rejection rate, warranty,  Ceramic CQuartz Coatings & Paint Protection Film coverage.  These consultations take a couple of hours to do.  So we came to an agreement & no expenses were spared taking care of this brand new Tesla Model S.   Were going to start with the decontamination wash, then we will polish to remove defects in this paint to prep the vehicle for Pain Protection Film & finally apply our Exclusive coating C.Quartz Finest.  The Windows will receive our Prestige Film Technologies Spectra Photosync.

These three services paired are the best of the best in terms of quality, exclusivity and service.  So with no hesitation we started.

The film process starts with the full hood coverage.

Tesla Hood PPF

After the film is applied it looks crystal clear. The film had an overhang of .5″ so the film gets wrapped inside the hood opening. This creates a seamless install so there are no visible edges.

Tesla hood PPF

The bumper piece is pretty straight forward and the film fits precisely where it was designed to.  Getting maximum coverage is key.

Tesla bumper
Tesla lower bumper

The nose cone which probably gets the most impact gets covered as well.

Tesla nose cone
Here is a shot of the front bumper cover complete.Tesla nose cone after

We move on to the  front fenders and doors.  Which were all customized to have the leading edges wrapped inwards so the film isn’t exposed.

Tesla front door.
Tesla rear doors.

The rear quarters get the same treatment.

We have a wide range of options available on our paint protection film installs. From basic coverage to full custom installs.  To read more about our paint protection film and see what sets us apart from the competition.  Check our out Paint Protection Film Page!

Tesla rear quarters

During the install we position the film to fit precisely to the panel it’s getting applied to.  We utilize our software and plotters to create a pattern that is customized to each clients needs. We can cut anything you need in-house at any given time.

Tesla rear quarter

The rear quarters and rear bumper of all the Tesla’s seem to be prone to accidental damage. So we applied film to the rear bumper as well to help protect against accidental damage from such things like runaway shopping carts.

Tesla rear bumper

We removed the emblems on the rear hatch so the film doesn’t have a cut out.

Tesla top hatch
Tesla rear hatch

The top part of the hatch was up next.

Tesla Hatch

After the full car wrap was complete we moved on to the window tint.  We went with Spectra Photosync 65 on the side glass and 75% on the windshield.  Spectra Photosync even on the lighter shades can still block up to 65% Total Solar Energy while blocking out 98.5% Infrared rays.  This is one of the best heat rejecting films on the market!

You can read more about our exclusive photo sync window film here!Tesla Photosync

We finished the window film install and applied our C.Quartz Finest to the entire car.

“CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world!
Only available to selected detailer’s, Finest was designed specifically for those with discerning tastes for its exceedingly rich & glossy finish, as well as its ability to resist the elements and protect like no other.

To see if your installer is Certified to carry Finest you can go to CQFinest.com

Cquartz Finest

Meanwhile the wheels, barrels and calipers get some CQuartz UK.

Cquartz Calipers

Once all the work was finally done we pulled it outside to let the adhesive set on the window film and on the paint protection film.  Then as one sat outside curing another showed up for a consultation.

Tesla Model S

Finally we get it outside for some sun shots!

Tesla Photosync
Tesla Model S
Finally here it is finished up. Filmed, Tinted and coated with the most exclusive products in the industry. When we offer services we offer the best money can buy. Paired with the best service in the industry. This ensures your car will look like this for years to come!
Tesla SPH60 copy

We also filmed a nice little video.  Feel free to watch and share it via social media.


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