Clear Bra Removal on Jaguar XF

This Jaguar came in since the customer wanted the clear bra removed & replaced.   It was applied to the car a couple years ago and its starting to see some abuse.  Not to mention there was a lot of texture in the film.Jaguar XF 074

Jaguar XF 080So we started with the removal process which includes using steam to heat up the adhesive so it can be peeled back. 
Jaguar XF PPF removal

More pictures of the Clear Bra Removal process.

Jaguar XF PPF removal 2
Jaguar XF PPF removal 3

Usually if this process is not done right there is a possibility you can pull the paint.  So this is in no way a tutorial to remove the film yourself, it needs to be removed by a professional.  After the film was removed i noticed the hood had a lot of scratches that were left in the paint that i wanted removed before we re applied the paint protection film.  Here are the defects before.

Jaguar XF defects

during our Paint Correction polishing process.

Jaguar XF polishing

And completed.

Jaguar XF 104so now we are ready to start re applying the Paint Protection Film.  We chose to go with the SunTek Paint Protection Film which has a self healing top coat & has the best clarity of any other film that’s on the market, it also comes with a 5 year warranty. Along with the DAP from Xpel. 
Jaguar XF 111
Jaguar XF 109The hood has about 12″ of overhang to allow for us to wrap the edges of the film so there are little to no seams.
Jaguar XF 116The front bumper was replaced as well.  After a couple hours it was all said and done.  We didn’t get to get a lot of pictures since we were running short on time for delivery.  but overall even in the sun the film is not noticeable at all but if you look closely you can see the line at the top.   But the customer was very happy now that this vehicle was protected the way it should be to begin with.
Jaguar XF 120thanks for reading. 

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