Hellcat Gets Cquartz Finest, Xpel Clear Bra

We recently did a brand new Challenger Hellcat in RedLine Red.  This beast is one of the Fastest Challengers ever made with 707HP.  With that amount of HP is best to get a vehicle like this protected to its fullest.  We went over the options with the client on Clear Bra, Window tint & Ceramic Paint Coating options.  After a thorough consultation we decided on the following options.  A full front clip including full hood, fenders and bumper in our Xpel Paint Protection film.  The windows will receive our SunTek CXP window film to reduce heat and keep the interior cool.  Topped off with our Exclusive CQuartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating to add a gloss and depth like no other ceramic coating in the world.

We start with a decontamination wash, which helps remove iron contamination on the paint & wheels.  This ensures a proper cleaning of all surfaces to start with a clean foundation to start polishing.

HellCat Foam Bath

The wheels received the same treatment!

Hellcat wheel foam

We started with the paint protection film first.  After doing a clay bar step to remove bonded contaminants.  The car is going to receive full fenders, hood, bumper, headlights and mirrors.  This bumper is a 3 piece kit so we are going to start with the top.

HellCat top bumper ppf

After being properly installed. We opt for about .5 inches of over hang to wrap underneath the bumper so its less noticeable.

Hellcat bumper ppf 2

The middle piece is next.

Hellcat bumper 3

and the lower portion.

Hellcat lower bumper

Once the bumper was completed we allow a couple of hours to let the wrapped portions to dry as we move on to the full fenders. We didn’t forget the headlights as well!

hellcat ppf lights

Full Fenders coming up.

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Hellcat Full Fender

These fenders are pretty straight forward so we finish both up pretty quick. After that we disassembled the plastic grill inserts on the hood to wrap the full hood.

Hellcat grill removal

This full hood is probably one of the hardest hoods on the market at the moment.  It takes a good amount of skill to get this down and get it down right.

Hellcat full hood.

here it is layed out and finished,  We went ahead and re installed the side vents at this time.

Hell Cat Full hood 2
The next step in this process was to appy the window film.  This client chose SunTeks CXP window film.  To see more about window film options you can visit our Window Tint Page.  We utilize technology and have a program cutting system that precisely cuts out your pattern of desired window film to your specific vehicle.
hellcat CXP

Once all the windows were finished up. The clear bra edges have been meticulously wrapped in, the polishing has been completed & the paint is removed of any polishing oils and we are ready to coat. We pulled off the wheels to allow us to coat faces of the wheels along with the barrels of the wheels and calipers as well.  These surfaces are coated with a CQuartz coating designed for those specific areas.

Hellcat DlUX

The glass received CQuartz Forte advanced automotive glass coating.  More information on this can be found here.

Hellcat Forte

Next up is the paint coating. Only the best for our clients, which deserves an image on its own.  Quartz Finest is in a class on its own.  Not available to the open market.  Finest is only given to the finest detailers in the world.  To see if your detailer is CQuartz Finest authorized you can view the web site at www.cqfinest.com

Cquartz Finest

We apply 2 which generous coats to everything on this vehicle including the paint protection film.  This will help the film stay stain resistant so keeping the film clean and glossy is a breeze.

hellcat full hood 4

3 days later we have a completed HellCat waiting for pickup.

Hell Cat

during this time the weather was really bad with a lot of rain.  On the weekend we found time to pull it out for some sun shots & boy does this thing sparkle!

Side shot of the Xpel film its clear as day!

Hellcat 3
Wheels & calipers coatedHellcat Dlux 2
All in all it was a fun yet challenging car to work on.  We have a couple more on the books so far! But with as much power as this car is putting down its better to be proteced with the best products on the market that are only carried at one place and one place only!   Now this Hellcat is ready to roam the streets.
HellCat Finished


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