Subaru WRX receives paint correction and CQuartz finest.

We recently had the pleasure of polishing one of the new Subaru WRX STI’s.  Painted in Black Obsidian Pearl riding on a set of Gram Lights , lowered with an airlift performance system & an Autopilot V2 Management system.  The goal here was to perform a multi stage correction and protect that pearl black paint with our Exclusive Cquartz Finest Ceramic Paint Coating.

Our Process starts with a gentle decontamination hand wash to remove any waxes or sealants from the paints finish.

WRX decon wash

The wheels received good thorough cleaning with CarPro’s Iron X to remove any iron contamination.  Paired with an Ultra plush MicroFiber Madness Incredibrush!WRX wheel brush

As we started the drying process we could see some of the marring that was on the paint surface.

WRX Marring
Once pulled inside we move onto the clay bar process.  This will remove any bonded contaminants that usually do not come off during the washing process.  The clay will usually indicate excessive over spray, dirt or fallout as you can see below.  When we see a clay bar get this dirty it is best to just throw it away after that.

Car has been clayed and now we remove the clay lube with a light mist of alcohol and water, then we will be ready to start polishing paint.

WRX Erased

Our Multi stage correction process is what will remove most if not all defects from paint. Resulting in a mirror like finish that will not wash away.  We will illustrate the process as we go along.  To get in those smaller areas we utilize the best in products and machinery. No area goes untouched when we correct paint.

Paint Correction WRX

A view after the fender was corrected.  As you can see there is a significant improvement even after one initial pass of aggressive polish.  The depth, gloss and clarity is better.  Although some might say its good to go.  We strive for excellence so we will refine the finish on the next 2 stages of polishing.

WRX correction

Here we have a picture of the driver’s door before polishing. These scratches are usually caused by improper washing techniques, improper drying, or by running a car through a drive through car wash.

WRX correction

A tape line is used to illustrate the difference between a proper corrected section and what has not been polished.   This process is considered an art form to be able to isolate the type of defects, remove them and achieve the best desired result each and every time!  To read more about paint types and defects you can see our Paint correction Page.WRX 50/50 Correction

Once the Multi Stage Correction process is complete this is how the final finish should look.

WRX Correction
WRX Correction 2

The lower rocker panel will get the sam level of correction as the rest of the car. This is a before picture.

WRX Rocker Panel Before

The same lower section after.

wrx rocker after

We do one final Car Pro Eraser wipe down before coating.


We started applying the CQuartz Finest Ceramic coating to the paint and wheel faces. The exterior glass received CQuartz Forte Extreme Windshield Coating. This process takes usually 2-4 hours to apply the coating.  Then we will use a(n) Infra Red (IR) curing lamp to assist in the baking process which usually takes an additional 4-6 hours when done right.

WRX Coated
“CQuartz FINEST is the most exclusive surface protection in the world Only available to selected detailers. To see if your detailer is authorized you can check at

Meanwhile we were able to shoot some nice video for you guys! All courtesy of our friends at O2Visuals!

WRX O2 Visualz

Once the coating and curing was compete we got some pretty decent sun shots!

Enjoy the after shots!

WRX Gram Lights
WRX Grille

A nice side shot showing the gloss CQuartz Finest gives off.  Lowered to the ground on airbags!


The front end looks killer!

WRX Front End

We strive for a near perfect finish and a great experience here at Jays,  If you are interested in any one of our services feel free to check out our Services page and also our Gallery!.

WRX CQuartz Finest

Here’s a video for you to enjoy!  Feel free to share it with your family and friends.

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